Barbershop, but not as you know it – with beatboxing, acoustic
guitars and a setlist that stretches from Journey to Pharell Williams, this roaming band have their own unique style.

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Barberpop are a brilliant roaming band – performing unplugged arrangements of everything from Don’t Stop Believing to This is How We Do It as they mingle through the crowd, serenading your guests in their seats and at their tables. These four cheeky chappies regularly entertain the diners at Kensington’s trendy restaurant Bodo’s Schloss. Together, they’ve totally reinvented barbershop for the 21st century with their beatboxing skills and acoustic guitars (minus the clichéd candy stripe suits, straw hats and sugary songs). With Gaz Twist’s soaring rock vocals and Billy Boothroyd’s soulful sensibilities, Barberpop, tackle everything from classic 70s rock hits to modern day pop anthems in their own unique style.

They’ve totally reinvented barbershop for the 21st century
Barberpop Quartet Event