A charismatic frontman, two sassy singers and blazing horn section
inject a shot of high-octane funk into everything from vintage Motown to modern pop

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As their name suggests, The Arts Club House Band are the resident band at London’s prestigious The Arts Club in Mayfair. With a charismatic frontman, two sassy sequined back-up singers and blazing live horn section, this 9-piece band manage to bring their own James Brown-style soul-tinged sound to everything from vintage Motown tracks to contemporary R&B and pop – from classic Tina Turner and Stevie Wonder to the latest Bruno Mars. As a group, they’ve played alongside such best-selling acts as indie rock gods The Kaiser Chiefs, Welsh legend Tom Jones and pop superstars Little Mix. High-octane, high-energy funk delivered with flair.

High-octane, high-energy funk delivered with flair